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A Gallery of American Crafts

Edisto's finest retailer of American Art and Crafts for over 31 years 

Our Mission - To connect Americans
with American Art!

At With These Hands Gallery, we strive to be the means by which Americans can see, feel and ultimately appreciate the wonders that lie in store for them in American Art. Here you will find no imports or shiny mass-produced items. Instead, With These Hands Gallery proudly displays the works of both local artisans and nationally recognized artists. Each of our pieces tell a story of an artist and his or her dreams.

Just a few miles from the beach on Highway 174, With These Hands Gallery has been an Edisto Island institution for over 31 years. Housed in a historic Federal style building, the site of the gallery had been part of the community since 1881; when it was known as Bailey's Store and was once the location of the Edisto Island Post Office. Its old architecture provides a casual southern charm that beckons to Island visitors and residents alike.
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